We strongly believe in the importance of education. Pakistan is currently facing many challenges as a nation, and we believe that the best way for us to help is through providing more children with an opportunity to go to school.

Unlike most of the developed nations in the world today, Pakistan does not have a mandatory education system. The state is too poor to pay for school for its 182 million inhabitants.  Children from poor families often end up working on the fields, as servants in people’s houses or other jobs not meant for kids. 

If we go back in our ancestry, there was someone before us who made sacrifices to ensure a better future for generations to come. We want to be that helping hand that allows the many thousands of children in pakistan to take that leap and secure a better life for themselves and their children.

The Citizen Foundation (TCF) is a charity organization that builds quality schools in areas where they are most needed. TCF has successfully built 1060 schools all over Pakistan through its 18 years of operation and provides education to more than 165,000 girls and boys today.

TCF Norway, is a Norwegian chapter of The Citizens Foundation and will fund the construction and operation of primary and secondary schools for underprivileged children in Pakistan.

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Meet the Team


Nada Ahmed

Founder & CEO


Maryam Khan

Event planner


Fredrik Lied Larsen

Board member


Usman Mushtaq

Board member


Sana Khan

Board member


Bushra Butt

Communication and marketing