What our project is

TCF Norway, is a Norwegian chapter of The Citizens Foundation and will fund the construction and operation of primary and secondary schools for underprivileged children in Pakistan.

Our objective is to:

  • create awareness on the importance of education in countries like Pakistan
  • inspire the public to take action
  • collect funds to build and operate schools in Pakistan

On December 16th 2014, a heedless attack at the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan claimed the lives of 141 innocent school children. To pay tribute to each of the innocent lives lost, The Citizens Foundation (TCF) launched a campaign to build 141 schools, in honor of each of the lives lost. TCF Norway is building its first school as part of the campaign. Please join us in our cause- help us build Schools for Peace.

The first primary school from TCF Norway is currently under construction in Lahore, Punjab and will be open for students in April 2019.


Our ambition is that once our schools is built we would like to spend some time volunteering at the school and give back. We will also arrange opportunities for others who have supported us to join us on volunteer missions.

Why we do this?

Pakistan is currently facing many challenges as a nation, and we believe that the best way for us to help is through providing more children with an opportunity to go to school.

Unlike most of the developed nations in the world today, Pakistan does not have a mandatory education system. The state is too poor to pay for school for its 182 million inhabitants.  Children from poor families often end up working on the fields, as servants in people’s houses or other jobs not meant for kids. In Pakistan 3 out of every 10 children aged 5-9 years do not go to school. Once in school, the dropout rate is extremely high. Literacy in Pakistan is extremely low, about 92 million people cannot read and write. And at the current rate of investment in education it is not likely to change.

The Citizens Foundation in Pakistan is doing something about this education crisis. Since 1995 TCF has built over a 1,441 schools in Pakistan, enrolling more than 204 000 children and employing over 9000 teachers. With a 50:50 gender ratio and coed schools TCF gives equal opportunities to girls and boys.

Watch documentary on The Citizens Foundation:

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