Aamna is selling roadside biryani

  mai 11, 2021   

Life can be difficult. While we may not be able to overcome all challenges, we can develop the skills to cope with adversity. Here’s Aamna, a TCF student of class 4, and her story of resilience to inspire you and offer you hope to carry on!

About four months ago, Aamna’s father, Mohammad Asif, met with a terrible accident that left him with a severe walking disability. He was confined to his home, unable to carry out his street food business and earn for the family. This is when Aamna took the reins.

Now, every day, this nine-year-old girl prepares a large container of biryani (a traditional rice dish) using her father’s age-old recipe. Once it is ready, she wheels it out on a pushcart to the corner of their street in Mangopir, a rural area of Karachi, where she sells a plate for thirty rupees each, while her mother tends to her ailing father.

Aamna is just one of many remarkable children studying at TCF who are working hard alongside their studies and not letting adversity define them. They want to be in their classrooms to keep learning and dreaming regardless of the challenges and obstacles life throws at them.