A farmer’s son will become anything he dreams of

  juni 20, 2021   

“When I was little, Abu (father) would drop me and my brother off to school on his bicycle every day before heading out to the fields. While we would spend our day studying, he spent his day labouring under the scorching heat of the sun to provide for us,” shares Abdul Wahid, a TCF Alumnus who is now pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics on a full scholarship at the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

As his father got older, many villagers suggested he pull his sons out of school and put them to work so they could take some burden off his shoulders. «What’s the use of sending them to school? A farmer’s son will become a farmer anyway,» they would tell him. But Ahmad disregarded their comments and encouraged his children to focus all their attention and energy on their studies. You can be anything you want if you work hard, he would tell his children.

“I can never forget the moment when I told him about my admission at one of Pakistan’s top universities. He was in tears for he knew his hard work and struggle had finally paid off,” Abdul Wahid recalls the emotional moment with his father.

Today, Ahmad Ali is honoured by the fact that his son is the first child in their village in Bhurewala (Punjab) to attend university. «Whatever I am today is because of my father. He chose our future over a comfortable life and encouraged us to keep moving forward. He is my hero!» shares Abdul Wahid.