Javaria Yousaf: Mathematician, Teacher, Changemaker

  januar 31, 2017   ,

Meet Javaria Yousaf, one of TCF’s extraordinary alumni determined to enlighten and empower her community in Minhala by returning to teach at the school she graduated from. Passionate about Mathematics, Javaria brings the magic of numbers to her classroom at TCF’s Shirin Sultan Dossa Campus-3 in Minhala, 20 km away from Lahore.

Javaria’s father is employed as a lineman in Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and the family has always struggled to make do with limited resources. This did not deter him from sending her to school. ‘My father has always supported our education and encourages us to seek knowledge. The presence of TCF in our village meant that my family could send me to a school which imparts quality education’.

Javaria’s bond with TCF began back in 2002 when she joined the school as a 6th grade student. Establishing her mark as a bright student and remaining top of her class every year, she graduated with flying colours in 2006. Reflecting upon her time at TCF as a student, Javaria says that she developed a love for Maths and all things involving numbers very early on. ‘My Maths teacher for 3 years, Ms. Nadia Khan was always confident and taught us well. She really helped clear my basic concepts and got me to the point where I was solving complex problems on my own’, informs Javaria. ‘When I am confronted with a Mathematical problem today, I just cannot sit still until I crack it!’ says Javaria excitedly. In an environment where most young women are inclined towards Arts or Humanities, Javaria stood out by being drawn towards Mathematics and Information Technology. Buoyed by her academic success, she developed a yearning for further education. Completing her F.Sc. and B.Sc. from the Government College for Women, Baghbanpura, she went on to acquire her Masters in Economics from the Punjab University in 2013.

As she prepared for her Masters examination as a private candidate, Javaria returned to TCF to teach Mathematics to grade 10 students, and loved each second of her time doing so. Upon completing her Masters, Javaria ventured towards higher grades and currently teaches Mathematics and Economics to students of grade 10 and TCF’s local degree college respectively. Javaria feels strongly about playing her role in sustaining the momentum of positive change in her community. ‘Education has changed my entire outlook on life and helped me evolve as a more informed individual. I want others in my community to get ahead in life too’.

In 2012, Javaria received the ‘Best Teacher Award’ in recognition of her performance and dedication to her chosen profession. She has also performed exceptionally well at her annual Teachers’ Competency Test, securing 84% and 97% in 2015 and 2016 respectively. When asked what keeps her so motivated every day, she confides: ‘The change happening around me because of education is so evident. Although it hasn’t been long since I was a student in these same classrooms, girls I teach today are much more confident and participate actively. I watch them grow and develop every day. What more do I want for motivation?’

Speaking of her future plans Javaria says she wants to continue teaching and also pursue a second Master’s degree, this time in Mathematics.

Our talented and driven teachers are a prized asset for TCF, for they are the ones who bring the joy of learning to thousands of children enrolled into our schools nationwide. So far, 513 TCF graduates have returned as teachers and become the torchbearers for TCF’s mission to inspire and educate the underserved across Pakistan.

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